Saturday, May 12, 2012

Even the Quote of the Day is a link...

Still busy busy. Making countertops today! So, just to remember how to work this thingy, I link you to a previous quote from Kevin Baker at TSM. Just in case you weren't reading TSM, you should be. Careful, it takes time...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pratchett of the (How far apart were we going to do these?)

"Aagrahgaah," said Detritus mournfully.

"Don't mind me, just don't spit it on my boot," said Vimes.

"It mean-" Detritus waved a huge hand, "like... dem things, what only come in..." he paused looked at his fingers, while his lips moved "...fours. Aagrahgaah. It mean lit'rally der time when you see dem little pebbles and you jus' know dere's gonna be a great big landslide on toppa you and it already too late to run. Dat moment, dat's aagragaah."

Vimes's own lips moved. "Forebodings?"

"Dat's der bunny."

"Where does the word come from?"

Detritus shrugged. "Maybe it named after der soun' you make just as a t'ousand ton of rock hit you."

- Jingo, by Terry Pratchett, page 13 (from the top, after Leshp has reappeared, and they're watching the people in Sator Square harangue and such. I'm telling you, RTWT)