Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A bitter political break-up

So we're a year out from the last election, and just starting the run-up to the mid-terms. Parts of this post have been kicking around since last November, parts of it from the Primaries, but I was looking through my old draft posts, and it still applies. I was pretty pissed about the primaries and the general election, I won't lie. In fact, I threw out at least one screed that may or may not have tuned my faithful readers in to that fact. So after a little while to cool down, think about things for a while, I've decided I'm going to register as a Democrat before the next election cycle. Why? Well, because I think I'll get just as much of a voice there, and in the meantime I can actually vote against the nanny-state pricks when it might do some good. It obviously isn't helping to vote Republican, and third party votes are not very effective. So, I'm going over to the 'big-tent' party and see if I can find some converts. If we're ever going to get a viable party out of this partisan mess, we're going to need to steal at least of few of those voters from the left.

I'm not talking about fracturing one party- I'm talking about fracturing BOTH. Look, I know a lot of Democrats- I married one, raised by two more, the vast majority of my family are democrats, many of my friends are Democrats- if there's one thing that needs said, its that they are as fractured a party as it is possible to be. The problem isn't with them, any more than Mitt Romney is the absolute favorite choice of all Republicans, everywhere. Much like the Brady campaign did by putting Helmke in charge, we need to find the right standard bearer from the opposition party- and soon. Its obvious that this psuedo-alliance with the Republican party is not working for Libertarians. So I say we go try to make some friends in the Democratic party. They ARE there, they are just not single issue voters. And I damn near guarantee that they all think they are the only Democrats that feel that way. We should OWN the ACLU. But we've been locked in this special relationship with the Republicans so long that we can't get out of it. That would be the Republican Party that brought us the DHS and TSA. The Republican party that wouldnt or couldnt stop the Hughes Amendment. The one that threw us into an oil war we didn't get any goddamn oil from. The one that put Mitt Romney on the ticket instead of going with Gary Johnson in the first place, who I may remind you was also a successful governor of a traditionally Democrat state, with reams of business experience. Mitt was an annointed candidate, chosen by the Republican leadership and the liberal media. With a choice like that they didn't WANT our vote, they didn't think they NEEDED our vote, and they have not acted like they give a damn about our values at all. So aside from this one issue, I don't think we are any worse off on our own than we are with them. So let's break up, and see other people for a while. I hear the Blue Dog Democrats are looking for a date.

Oh, and to the GOP? It's not me, it's YOU.