Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Light Posting vs Burnout

I was digging through some feeds in my reader today, and thinking about blogs and bloggers. Now, some (such as Breda) maintain that blogs are dead- she maintains nearly the same following in facebook snippets as she did when blogging. Others have split off in different directions- SayUncle has gone all-linky/less-thinky, while Sebastian and Bitter are real life Active Activists. Caleb has staff writers now, and gets paid. Others have shuffled away, or abruptly ended, their sites cold or sold, or 404. I've never been good at 'post every day' blogging, but some are. Others drift in now and then (like me) drop nuggets of gold or Uberposts in their own way. Come this October, I've been riding this horse for 4 years. There's been gaps, some long ones, but I keep coming back, because I think there are some things I can't keep to myself. Thanks for reading. It'll keep coming as it always does, steady by jerks, until I either give up or run out of things to say.

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