Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bunkerville and Ferguson, Compare and Contrast

It seems an increasing number of people are comparing these two regional events, and with good reason. While the settings and outcomes are quite different, there are two things glaringly similar. First is that Police personnel are deploying huge amounts of equipment and quasi-military tactics against groups of citizens, even going so far as to detain or deny access to news crews who are critical of them. The second thing is the people are getting FURIOUS with them.

A couple differences that I have noticed- In Bunkerville, there was a goal. The BLM was pursuing the removal (some have maintained 'slaughter') of the Bundy's cattle, and eventually the family as well, and the protesters were there (in large part, at least) to prevent it. While well equipped, the stormtroopers knew they were not coming out the other side clean and shiny; in light of that knowledge, the goal was judged not to be worth the bloodshed. In Ferguson, there is no goal- only anger. There is no point at which the protesters and rioters can say, 'Yes, this will satisfy us.' Without a clear goal, they devolve into displays of anger, with seemingly random targets. The Police also have no clear goal- the end of the protest, or the violence, or just the looting, etc, is not a clear marker of victory. On the other hand, the Police are clearly enjoying an advantage over the protesters. At least in the beginning, it was clear to them that they would win any engagement, so they weren't concerned about replying with force.

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  1. They got an early start tonight. Apparently the protestors got out of hand at the McD's and the employees locked themselves in the store room and called 911. The police came in screaming and then the whole thing devolved into scattered little battles. Hard to keep track of from instagram.