Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hoplophobes, Alarmists, and Fools, oh My!


This letter was recently submitted to the Arizona Republic:

I hope our lawmakers saw the video of a shootout in an Ohio bar last week involving "law-abiding citizens."

The graphic video should send chills down the spine of any intelligent individual and should get our leaders to rethink their policy of allowing concealed arms in bars.

- Stuart Epstein,Scottsdale

See it here at

Now read a related News story involving the quoted incident.

Hmmmm, notice any discrepancies? Oh, wait, yes, the fact that their actions were not only illegal, but were also possibly related to additional felony activities in the parking lot! In addition, Police in Toledo have charged two of the men involved with felonious assault, discharging a firearm, and possessing a weapon in a liquor permit premise. Ohio state law, it turns out, does NOT allow the carry of weapons in bars. Far from getting 'our leaders to rethink their policy,' this video is an eloquent example of the sort of violence present in the world, which is why we “law-abiding citizens” maintain our constant vigilance. Mr Epstein got one thing correct, however. The video does send chills down ones spine. For one thing, after all those shots were fired, there were no casualties. Thank God for gangbangers that can't shoot straight.

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