Sunday, October 25, 2009

Those who fail to study history...

It is a great folly of our generation to believe our society cannot fail. We would be wise to remember that our civilization has been operating at current strength for not even four generations. Rome held its dynasty for far longer, and vast ares where once a pilgrim could tread unhindered are now devoid of any sort of public order.

To the South there are the ruins of civilizations that held sway for nearly a thousand years, where gangs of ruthless thugs do daily battle for dominion over the civilian population.

Within the span of written history, multiple major civilizations have risen to prosperity and then vanished, or at the least faded to obscurity, sometimes in the span of less than a single generation. In the last thirty years, Afghanistan has been degraded from First to Third world status, giving a snapshot of the progression from 'modern' society to embattle enclave, to pawn state, to anarchy.

Be wary should the rising stars begin to send aid to criminal elements to our South. We should not easily forget that once, the Visigoths were the mercenaries of Rome, an outcast portion of their society, refugees from beyond the borders. We would do well to treat our citizens better than they.

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