Sunday, July 25, 2010


We are everlasting dilettantes. Each life, in itself, forgettable, transient, inconsequential in the tapestry of history. Robert Jordan writes of the Age Lace, the Pattern of lives woven together in tiny twists, the thread of each life intertwined with the others in the fabric of history. Some threads may set the visible pattern against the dark backdrop of average, forgettable people, but they are not the only ones who make history. All of us make history. Each life lived is intrinsic to the whole, and each as forgettable as the next. Eventually, we will all be lost to time, but time does not forget us. What we do with our lives is eternal, through we become the forgotten. Aaron Allston once penned the line, “...invisible does not mean non-existent.” We must bear this burden with all our Honor and Grace, for the burden we bear is all of history. Together, we are the world, each of us carrying the weight of it on our shoulders, seeing, living, ignoring, forgetting, together weaving our threads into history itself. We may not see each thread, we may not remember them at all, but they are there. Each one, be it bright or dark, is both vital and unimportant, crucial yet forgettable, eternal and invisible. We are Everlasting Dilettantes.

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