Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looks like I still need to vent...

In light of the new year, I have undertaken to cast a scant more light on these ramblings of mine. After all, what every argument has need of is another loud voice; however, I do feel that mine is a voice of some reason, else I would not be possessed of a reason to put if forth. If any curious callers have an interest in my furious digital scribblings, I would suggest to them to peruse my earlier works, as I feel they may well introduce them to my style and format. (note: some of the previous posts were written while supremely worse for drink. This happens, on occasion, and represents a departure from my normal style, if not completely from my normal state of mind.) Welcome all, to a world as seen through the eyes of a rambling, over-intellectual, under-educated, and offensively outspoken individualist.

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