Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bad Things Happen to Good People Bag

is my version of the Bug Out Bag. Don't get me wrong, I'm as paranoid/crazy about things as the next right wing blogger survivalist gun nut (ok, well that depends on who the NEXT one is). But I don't see a lot of utility in prepping a bag to scram before the Feds get there. What I DO see a lot of utility in is having a bag, generally at one's disposal at any given time, with emergency necessities in it.

Most of the places I go, I carry my hunting lumbar pack. It's basically a gigantic fanny pack with a shoulder harness, a couple of small pockets on each hip, and a couple of water bottle pockets. It goes to the beach, to the farmers market, on walks with the dog, and generally is seen on my shoulders if I'm out doing something recreational (ie, more than 90 seconds from the car). My Lovely Wife calls it my purse, although nowhere as cavernous or crowded as her own. It generally has a few dog treats, bags for picking up the dog poo, a FAK, some fire, and a knife. During hunting season, it gets a few more goodies, and has served me well.

My other bag is the one I refer to as my Bad Things Happen to Good People Bag. Yeah, it's a little bulkier to say, but it makes a difference in explaining to underenlightened persons. It contains many of the same things as my small pack, but it larger quantity, with a few extras like gloves, batteries, extra flashlight, larger knife and sharpening stone, etc. It rides in the truck with me and is, basically, my kit should some tragedy or emergency befall me. I have just recently purchased a new chassis for its construction.

The new bag is made by AWP (they make tool belts) and listed as their Tread Bottom Tool Backpack. It has about a gazillion organizing pockets inside, a laptop sized divider, a cavernous center section, and the outside is covered in MOLLE webbing. It also has a rubberized tire tread pattern base (namesake, I believe), well padded straps and a padded and ventilated back. In short, its got all the things that I was looking for in the various 'tactical' backpacks, but at roughly a third of the price. I'll let you know how it holds up, but I think it's going to fit the bill nicely.

As a short disclaimer: Nobody paid me to say this. I think I may like this thing; if I don't, I'll say that, too. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Lowe's or AWP. So there; neener neener neener.