Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long Gaps...

Life has been very busy. I'm working full days on the largest commercial construction project in the US, building handrails and platforms and paths, saving lives every day, etc etc. No seriously, I've been very busy.

This means all nine people who read this blog have been mildly disappointed, and therefore are reading someone ELSE'S blog (I can recommend some good ones, check the sidebar) instead.

So this is me, taking yet another large break from blogging. I have the rest of my holster building series written up, waiting for pictures to be formatted, and I'm hoping to get it stuck out there soon. I just started reading 'On War' by Carl von Clausewitz, so I'm hoping to get some fodder from that. I've also been kicking around a 'Pratchett of the (insert random time measurement)' series, so I'm compiling a few quotes there. For those of you that have not had the pleasure- go forth, and read you some Terry Pratchett. It's good stuff, and quite insightful for a satirist.

Other than that, please continue to talk amongst yourselves- blogging will resume when time permits.


  1. Work comes first my friend. Remember Clausewitz and put your mass on point and focus where it needs to be :)

  2. It was nice of you to pop in real quick. Busy can be good.