Friday, September 21, 2012

Slick Mittens vs the World

I am very much not a Republican. In point of fact, the top tier ends of both parties greatly concern me on behalf of the goal of liberty. The Democrat party wants to enslave me for some nebulous 'greater good.' The Republican party wants to enslave me to a corporate powerhouse. Lets not play games here, our nation was decidedly not in a healthier place when elite business owners were forcing their employees to work 90 hour weeks, for minimal compensation, in horrible conditions, prior to the rise of labor unions. Nor will we be any better when a ruthless mob makes policy, stealing everythimg from everyone to give to everyone else. The heart of the matter is that moderation is the key to balance, and NOBODY geys fired up about moderation.
Mitt Romney represents the least ideal combination of the two parties. I suspect that he will, in fact, do well to put the largest corporate policymakers more securely in the seat of power. I suspect that he will do little to rein in the spending and profligate waste of resources at the Federal levek. At the same time, I suspect he will be a failure on the civil rights front. Governments expansion with regressive social policy. A fiscal liberal and a social conservative. The Dark Side of moderate.
Today, the Democrats are jaded, disappointed in their star pupil- he was given every opportunity and he has failed them. The Republican party, however, is fired up. They are ready and willing to put an R back on top, no matter who it is. Mitt Romney has rewritten his image to conform to their demands, but I do not believe he has changed his core beliefs. The end result is the Republican party could very well, in their thirst for a Conservative in Chief, push a man into high office that would never have otherwise been able to sustain their interest.

The long shot is, a rabidly conservative base is in a position to elect a moderate, none if whose real policies agree with theirs, to replace an abject failure, none of whose policies are his own, in the office of the President. The MOST ironic part is that there is no other way to elect him. The right despises his political views as much as the left.


  1. At this point it is damage control. Both parties cave in to feminist demands and feminist entitlement spending but Romney and the Repubs have had to bend the knee a bit to the conservatives and will have to make some concessions or promise that they will. If they don't well we will be no worse off than we would be under Obama who hasn't and won't make any concessions and in fact will feel compelled to play freely since he won't be able to get another term.

  2. The upside, as far as I can tell, is that media oversight will resume, to a degree, and the establishment Repubs will have to toe the line, or be ousted in primary battles. A base thats fired up enough to push a Romney win will stay involved, especially at the local level. I expect a Romney win will lead to increased fracturing of the major parties going into 2016. Liberal enclaves will begin to implode, and conservatives will continue sweeping the nation, resulting in stronger microeconomies in the interior. Either way, I still expect a rebalance of power in the federal scale in the next few years. With a Romney win, the states build for a while, and spin off. An Obama win? The federal govt melts down, and the states rebuild from scratch. This aint gonna be pretty, kids!