Saturday, September 29, 2012

What ELSE are they not telling us?

I want you all to click thru to this video, then come back.
This will take some time- shake off your tl;dr and dive in.

American trust in the press is at a historical low and WE KNOW IT. I have my differences with the administration, and I think that Romney is to be trusted little more, if at all. But the saving grace has always been that we could trust the NEWS. Even if we couldnt trust the politicians, we could trust the reporters. Watergate is a pretty shallow pool compared to the depths we skate over today. The Constitutionally protected (not provided, protected; but thats a different rant) right to freedom of the press will be worth NOTHING if that right is abdicated for a few dollars.

Watergate was about staying in power- raiding the files for an inside view, then covering it up. We have the elements of a GLOBAL CONFRONTATION brewing, and we get fluff pieces about MTV Rejects continuing to do stupid things. A law abiding group of citizens concerned with profligate spending is labeled a terrorist organization, but a wastrel, unguided student movement that causes millions of dollars nationwide in damages is a Freedom movement? Meanwhile ACTUAL GODDAMN TERRORIST GROUPS ARE ATTACKING OUR DIPLOMATS WORLDWIDE and we are told its all our fault for letting some shitbrain asshole do what assholes are wont to do?
Think, for a monent, about Pakistan. The President is allowed to have a special, secret list, including American citizens therein, which nobody is allowed to see, except by his whim, and sends ROBOT ASSASSINS INTO SOVEREIGN NATIONS TO ELIMINATE THE PEOPLE ON IT AND THE PRESS IS OK WITH THIS!?! What if Bush had done this? What if Romney wins and decides that George Soros is on his list? What if Obama wins, and decides Rush Limbaugh is on his list? What if either of them tell the news outlets to report it as a heart attack AND THEY DO?

Hyperbole much? Maybe. But when the Ministry of Love tells you that we have always been at war with Eastasia and that chocolate rations have been increased, dont go looking for a free press to check against. Just take your Soma and go back to your view wall, Betas. Its all down the memory hole, and there is no Foundation to save us. All those dystopian futures that we read in sci-fi- all the systems in place, and we thought, "yeah, but what happened between now and then?" We are living it. Right now.


  1. If Romney wins, the robot assassins will again be a tremendous evil the media must expose, because Romney will be a REPUBLICAN.

    George Soros will always be protected. Rush Limbaugh is already a marked man.

    The media has chosen sides with the .gov, but only one party thereof.

  2. I wonder, Kevin, if thats really true anymore. We know that both parties are willing to lie, cheat, steal, bribe, and blackmail to stay in power. It could just be that it wasnt enough money. Someday, when the moneys good enough, well, that'll be an interesting day, won't it? Seriously, if they sold out once, they'll sell out again, and if they're in for a penny then they're in for a pound.