Sunday, November 4, 2012

Exceptionally American

I find it worthy of note that we are a nation built of malcontents- not willing to suffer under their heel, we cast aside their society, fled their beloved lands, and began anew. At each turning, American malcontents thrust aside the ideals of their 'betters' and found boundless achievements waiting on the far side of toil. In truth, their disgust at our simplicity may be the horror of watching their castoffs surpass them. While there are some in this nation that would debase their natural right of self governance and supplicate themselves to the lands that sent us forth, many of us recall that fact: where once we were unworthy, we have risen to surpass them. What can they now promise us that we cannot gain for ourselves?

I now send you forth to Borepatch, for Context and Copeland.


  1. Thankyou, Borepatch. Honestly, I had that all in a comment, but decided not to hijack your post. It was beautiful, and that would be impolite.