Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just one election comment

I was going to let this day by, but I have something to say.

Everyone out there saying, "Look what Gary Johnson did to the election!" or "ZOMG VOTE THEFT DAMN YOU LIBERTARIANS" or "Just swallow your pride and vote for us... because vote for us..." I say: Screw you guys.

No, I mean it. Screw you guys. I accept that Barack Obama is not the guy we want in charge of our gun rights, but to come down on your high horse and say, in a most holier than thou way, that this is OUR fault, as though the one million votes that Gary got were the exact million votes that threw the race, is about as smug and infuriating as it is possible to be. If I want smug and superior, I'll register as a Dem and vote in THEIR primary. You want to pin your loss on someone, and we are it. Well, screw you, I'm not taking the fall.

Everyone that wants to blame this on the crazy Libertarians needs to realize- NOBODY COURTED US FOR OUR VOTE. Oh, sure, we get some lip service. But nobody came out and said, "Hey, you, in the back, that just want to be left alone... What can we do to make YOU happy?" Which makes me think that we were not a critical voting bloc, yes? We were, maybe, not the moderate independents that both camps were appealing to? So why, in the fiery depths of bipartisan burning f#$%ing HELL are we the ones that are expected to compromise our beliefs and vote YOUR guy into power? How was that supposed to work? We are goddamn Libertarians, for Pete's sake, not toeing the line IS THE ENTIRETY OF OUR PLATFORM! So we are expected to just fall into place, and vote blindly for the guy thats just as bad, bit in different ways than the other guy that sucks? I repeat: Screw you.


  1. Now is not the time to quibble and alienate each other. I disagree with your philosophy on the election though. I share many a Libertarian idea but the road to that end is not yet by way of splitting the voting block that should remain allied. Yes the race would have been closer without the Libertarian candidate in Florida, wouldn't have mattered in Virginia or Ohio as I see it.

    At this point I believe the important need is narrowed down a bit more and so is the choices of ways to deal with it so the streams should be coming back together.

    1. Go sell that some place else. Frankly I'm becoming down right pissed off at the number of people who fed me a line of shit saying I was wasting my vote, that I was wrong, or that I should sacrifice my principals and take one for the team. You want us not to quibble and fight back, tell your buddies to stop blaming us.

      Who's alienating who? Seriously because we're retorting at accusations that some how we cost you guys the election. News flash, you did it yourself, own it!

      This is not how it works. You are supposed to vote for the guy you think best represents you and your view points. The republicans didn't present such an option. Prey tell asshole why I am the one to sacrifice my principals for YOUR guy.

      Pardon me if I sound a little bit pissed off here but there's a reason. Wolfman nailed this fucker on the head. Your party fielded a candidate that was about as appetizing to us as eating a shit sandwich and then act surprised that we refused to eat it. Not only are you surprised, but you blame us, that some how we are responsible that for the failure of everyone to find joy in your shit sandwich.

      If you want the libertarian vote behind you, field a candidate that respects our view point. If you fail to do that, go piss up a rope, it's not our fault we didn't vote for you. You did that entirely on your own.

    2. You go to war with the best gear you got not whine about it and then eventually lose because of it.

      I guess you need to learn that lesson a few more times.

  2. I know this is not a popular opinion, but each person gets one vote. It is their vote to do whatever they wish with vote for who they want or not to vote at all. Each of us has a myriad of reasons for why we vote the way we do. There isn't a superior moral argument for those that voted for Johnson anymore than for Romney or those that are so fed up with the government that they refused to participate. To the, that was a moral statement.

    The point is more folks voted for this guy and that is the biggest problem we have. America has changed and there are not as many of us as there are them.