Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Prestige of the Office of the Presidency

The Manchin-Toomey bill was shot down by a slender but sufficient margin today, dealing a blow to the Administration's goal of passing anti-gun legislation. Good- while I do believe some of the rhetoric was a bit overstated, I am relieved to see the momentum of the Gun Control Lobby checked. This does, however, make me cognizant of a different danger. To wit, we have effectively dealt a serious blow to the agenda of a man who was elected President of the United States of America. In specific, I oppose nearly every aspect of the agenda laid out by this administration, but there is, as always, a danger in victory as surely as there is in defeat.

 Firstly, I am equally skeptical of the platforms and agendas of the Republican party as I am of the Democratic party. We should find ourselves in no less dire of circumstances if the Right should decide to suspend other civil liberties than the Left. Considering the activities of the Occupy movement of last year, one must certainly be concerned for the continued right to peaceably assemble. Remember, the rule of law does not discriminate by affiliation, and laws written by the Right to curb the assembly of the Left can be used against them in the same breath where the Left holds sway. Should we believe that Rahm Emmanuel would hesitate for an instant to turn loose the National guard on IGOLD if he had the chance? Would Mayor Bloomberg be disinclined to use force authorized by a Republican against conservatives in his city? Witness the swift movements of Janet Napolitano in redefing 'terrorist' to encompass those of our ilk so recently. The Attorney General has certainly shown no qualms in turning the PATRIOT act against the very people who supported it.

Secondly, we have proven a weakness in the highest elected office in the land, the very office that many, in a global front, consider to be the most powerful in the world. We would be fools to believe that others, more nefarious in chosen end, do not see the same weakness that we exploit. We cannot afford to simultaneously show the gap in our armor while championing its strength. In this we have won a march, but we must remain on guard against those who follow behind.

It is my extreme concern that our actions have caused an irreparable blow to the image of our nation in our enemies' estimation. Be wary, therefore, of increased and emboldened attacks on our nation on an international front. Iran and North Korea rattle their sabres while we scramble to fund our military. We have shown, through this latest vote, that the words of the President are not necessarily predictive, and what he has vowed to do can be defeated. Do not be surprised, then, to find that his word to commit the force of government against foreign threats has lessened in its worth; we ourselves have shown that he can be defeated.

Be on guard against evil acts, in the coming time, even more than before. Ours are not the only eyes to see that Caesar is mortal.

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