Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pratchett of the (I found a good one and felt like writing it)

     Agnes hadn't seen a mob like this before. Mobs, in her limited experience, were noisy.  This one was silent. Most of the town was in on it, and to Agnes' surprise, they'd brought along many of the children.
     It didn't surprise Perdita. They're going to kill the vampires, she said, and the children will watch.
     Good, thought Agnes, that's exactly right.
     Perdita  was horrified. It'll give them nightmares!
     No, thought Agnes, it'll take the nightmares away.  Sometimes, everyone has to know that the monsters are dead, and remember, so they can tell their grandchildren.

- Carpe Jugulum, p 319, when the villagers of Escrow have risen up against the Magpyrs, and are quietly making their way to Don'tgonearthe Castle. Pretty close to the end, but kind of the beginning of the end, when the story is all laid out, and we get down to the bit where we find out if the story has a happy ending or not, or sometimes both.

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