Friday, April 10, 2015

To Beat the Devil

Kris Kristofferson wrote a song.

Yeah, I know, Kris Kristofferson wrote a LOT of songs, and lots of other people sang them too.

But this is a song called, 'To Beat the Devil', and we should all listen to it for a little while.

Senate Bill 941 is progressing in the Oregon Senate, and many of us are writing our legislators, and our local governments, to try to stem the tide, while outside money floods in to the coffers of our opponents.  It's easy to feel like a thing is inevitable, and that we can't win, and it's easy to want to give up.  When all you get is silence when you try to talk to your public servants, its easy to just walk on and forget it.  And THAT, that feeling right there, THAT'S the devil that Kris sings about.  The little voice inside that says 'you aren't making a difference'.

The very richest people keep getting richer, and the very poorest keep getting bought.  The Left and Right just lie and steal and cheat, and it feels like the whole damn place is going straight to pot.

The best we can do it keep singin'.  Keep singin', because somewhere, someone DOES want to hear.  And if we all keep trying, sooner or later, we can beat the devil.

At the very least, we can drink his beer for nothing.

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  1. I lot of the time, I feel like that I should just duck and cover for the coming $hit storm. I can't remember the group, but there is an awesome song using the old government slogan for a nuclear attack.