Sunday, January 6, 2013


OK, this one isn't a new gripe. If we divide the gun argument into people who know v. don't know, we get a group that has experience and firsthamd knowledge, and a group that watches movies.

I don't know how many times we've seen action movies with hundreds of rounds fired without a reload, but the big ones, the ones that really get me, are the autos. People see Hollywood Leadman X running through the scene, full auto running out of his mp5 or m-16 for 3-5 min, no reloads. But the m-16 has a cycle rate of roughly 800 rounds per minute. So, figuring a 30 rd mag, lets do the math.

800 rounds per minute is 13.33 rounds per second, gives us a mag dump in 2.25 seconds (as long as it doesn't jam). All those scenes that people base their knowledge of machine guns on are crap; the guns simply don't work that way. That certainly doesn't stop people from believing it, though.

Long story short- if you are smart enough to know Hollywood Leadman X didn't ACTUALLY die while filming (leaving out Brandon Lee, God rest his soul) you're smart enough to realize the guns don't work like that. So before people decide what they want done about 'scary bullet hoses', they should get some actual facts.

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