Sunday, January 6, 2013


So, let me get this straight- our representatives in Congress hashed out a deal, two years ago, by which we could allow the US to borrow more money if we promised to start cutting programs, but if we didn't get it figured out, they stuck in mandatory cuts at a later date. The Republicans (who ran on fiscal conservative platforms) want to keep spending on THEIR programs, so cutting them is out. The Democrats (who ran on social equality) won't bidge on THEIR programs, so cutting them is out. So they crafted (at our expense) a deal to raise taxes and NOT CUT SPENDING, to continue to fund programs that are hemmoraging money, changed the rules so that taxes went up on EVERYONE, and now want to borrow more money, probably in return for promising (but REALLY, this time) to make cuts, later, maybe, if we have to. Because if we don't borrow more money, we can't pay for the projects that are hemmoraging money. And this is referred to as 'progress' and 'averting the fiscal cliff' which was the agreement they made in order to borrow more money last time.

Hang on tight, because when this goes off the rails, its going to make the Greek austerity riots look like Saturday in the park.

Leela: I can't see, are we boned?
Bender: Yep, we're boned.

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