Monday, January 7, 2013

Readership and Outside Exposure

So, after five very sporadic years, I've gotten somewhere around 5,000 hits, judging by the site odometer. Going by Google Stats, its about 10,000 clicks (I believe they count each view, so changing pages is a fresh pageview). I'm aware there are all kinds of suggestions out there to run a 'successful' blog, but I'm not real worried about that.

What I AM curious about is my readership.

For example, I've been linked by a couple big dogs, and have comments from others, so there's about 7-10 people at least who read my words whom I have never met in realspace. Thank you for coming, I appreciate it- several of you are among the reasons I started doing this, and others are among the reasons I continue. Also, if you are ever in NW Oregon, it would be fun to someday meet some of my internet people for reals.

I also know that many of my cousins have read it, because I've drawn comments in real life and fb from them. I love you guys, and I'm always hoping to see more of you. We may disagree politically sometimes, but family ties are stronger than that. Any time any of you want to shoot, come visit in OR, we'll make it happen. Or come to see Danger, he's real cute, and growing like a weed.

I also am aware that my Mother reads this blog. Hi Mom! I love you! Let this be a lesson- you're never too old or mature to tell your Mom you love her, nor ever so far out in the weeds that she will stop loving you. Mom, you are a big part of setting the tone for these works. Although not always possible, I make the effort to always write in ways that will make you proud, at least of the words if not always the content. Too, these words are in a pubkic forum, and I was taught to meet a certain degree of civility in public; this has tempered some of my more, um, vehement moments.

So who did I miss? Leave me a comment! I'm curious to know who reads, who I'm reaching, who agrees or doesn't agree.


  1. Me, a 40 something W/M with a wife and two boys. Live in the south. I'm a husband. I'm a father to two wonderful, brilliant, and curious boys. I've worked in the restaurant industry for over 25 years, all "back of the house". Currently, I'm attending school to be in the medical field (radiography) and have a 3.8 GPA. I have actively backpacked for over 15+ years. "Old too soon, and smart too late".

    1. And its great to have you here, K. You and PP are my nost regular commenters. I like to encoutage debate, and you bring salient points. I dig your MRE reviews.