Friday, February 10, 2012

Homegrown Holsters

I try to run on a lowest cost/benefit ratio. Some things I have a hard time making for myself, but often I try to build things instead of buying them, as it saves a bit of money. Holsters are one of those things. For the cost of a good leather holster, I can buy enough raw leather to make 5-6, depending on the design. The following pics are of a holster I built for a friend in Arizona.

This is a finished view of a belt slide OC holster for a Berretta PX4 Storm 9mm. Its a full size, double stack 9mm, with a polymer frame. Interesting gun, its a polymer version of the Stoeger Cougar, with a Rotating barrel locking mechanism, rather than the Browning style tilting barrel. I didn't get a chance to shoot it, but I hear the holster is holding up well.

Above: PX4 in holster at 3:30 position, just behind the hip. This is the most comfortable driving position.
Right: PX4 and finished holster.
Below:Finished holster.

Notice that the holster is a thumbbreak model, with a completely enclosed trigger. The sights are protected, and the safety is also covered. The magazine release is not covered, but I have not had any reports of a mag dumping. I built a very similar holster for my Ruger, which I wear pretty much constantly. I have not had any problems with it to date.

I wear mine just behind the point of the hip. It's a double loop design, with one loop behind the body of the holster, and the 'tail' loop to maintain the degree of cant. Its built with a minimal amount of forward cant, which winds up sitting almost perfectly vertical when seated. I found this design to be the most comfortable holster to wear, of any I have used to date.

As far as construction, that's an entire new post. I use top grain 7-9 oz leather to build these, with brass rivets and snaps. All laminations are made with contact cement; I didn't even stitch mine, and its been holding up very well.

Cost of materials is hard to define, but its certainly less than buying a holster. The last single shoulder I bought cost around $60, and so far I have built 3 holsters, a double mag pouch, and still have quite a large piece left over. As a plus, the holsters I make are all fully formed, and built on an individual basis, with custom specs for height, belt slot, and cant.


  1. I like it. Ya know though I have leather and all the tools needed perhaps you could mail me the pattern?

    I mean I would love to order one from you but I know it is alot of work so which ever you prefer would be great.

    Let me know my friend.

  2. Also I am not very knowledgeable about the forming technique. I have made many pairs of shoes, boots, sheaths etc but nothing that needed any forming done.

  3. Do you mahe lefty

  4. I certainly could make a lefty holster. I make every holster from scratch, custom to the application. I'm actually thinking someday to start selling them, although I have a couple promised already that have been back-burnered by the arrival of my son. Check back sometime, I may hang out my shingle in that arena yet.