Monday, February 6, 2012

Someone noticed!

I got an unexpected award today... PioneerPreppy over at Small Holding has awarded me the Liebster Blog Award!

As I understand it, one person receives the Liebster Blog Award. They then re-gift the award to another blog with less than 200 followers which they feel deserves a few more. As time goes by, the Liebster Blog Award is spread far and wide, creating a network by which the internet overlords can identify and viciously suppress smaller, independent bloggers, and add them to their Alliance... wait. That isn't it... its something else.

At any rate, most of the blogs I follow are either too big, or have already been awarded thus, so I will pick one for now, and hopefully add some more down the line.

I choose YOU, Adaptive Curmudgeon!

Although, I was more a Magic: The Gathering guy than a Pokemon guy, in my youth. Go figure...

Anyhow, thanks PP, I am humbled.

In related news, Holy Crap! Someone besides my family members reads this blog! I got comments from 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Red letter day and all. Thanks again!


  1. LOL and a new follower I see.


  2. Hey, would ya look at that! Welcome, Matt! Glad to have ya!

    I'll get you in the blogroll...