Wednesday, February 8, 2012

People ask me

why I carry my gun. They say, "Do you really expect to need your gun at the grocery store?" They say, "You live in a pretty good area."

Then, this stuff happens.

We don't shop at that store, but I did get an oil change in that parking lot. Its quite a nice location.

Bottom line, I carry my gun because if I KNOW something will happen, I don't go there. Its the things that happen when I DON'T expect them that can put you in trouble.

Stay alert, stay prepared, and stay safe.


  1. Yes, yes you do need a gun at a grocery store in a good neighborhood.

  2. There are some places that I am strictly forbidden (some OR municipalities don't all OC, and my CCW is on hold for a bit, until class money shows up) but other than that, I have my Ruger, flashlight, knives, and FAK on me at pretty much any given moment. Its only crazy to people that have NEVER had anything unexpected happen to them.

    Thank you, again, AGirl. I've told your story to more than a few people. Its a very instructive tale, though I wish it never happened to you.