Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Starbucks Appreciation Day

Some little while back, a bit player in the anti-gun lineup proposed doing a Valentines Day boycott of Starbuck's Coffee. Being somewhat reactionary (oh c'mon, that's not a bad thing. Think 'Reaction Time.) the gunblog community has decided to do a BUYcott in counterprotest. I'm not entirely sure who thought the thing up, originally, but its spread pretty quickly (probably Sebastian at TBFKASIH, now PAGunblog: see here, here, and here).

Well, I did my part. What's more, I almost NEVER go to Starbucks. Part of it is that I generally drink my coffee at home, where I can make it myself, part of it is the stubborn insistence on ordering 'medium' as a size, and part of it is the unwillingness to spend 2 bucks on a cup of coffee, when I can buy a 1 3/4 lb can of it for $9. That's a good month's worth of coffee around this homestead.

Today, in gratitude for just continuing not to do anything, we have THIS.

One medium cup of drip coffee. And yes, I did ask for medium, and you know what? The barista didn't even blink. It took about 3 minutes, from the time I stepped out of the car to the back in the seat, driving away with my java. I went online afterward and let them know, via feedback card, what the deal was. Did you get your Starbuck's?

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*Edited to add link. At least Twice...

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