Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thanks, by the way...

For coming here and reading this stuff. I know a lot of it gets a paranoid around here, but, looking at the stat tab on blogger, February is a record month already, and its just barely half over. I know I'm no high-falutin 1000 click a day blog, but its humbling for people to click over and read my stuff. Some of you I know, and some I have only met in the various pages and comment sections we have in common. I started this blog a couple years ago, as an outlet for some frustration. It went silent for a while, until I fired it back up this winter. Its still an outlet, and now I know that at least a few people have read it. I went from a previous high pageview of 110 views/month to well over 327 so far this month. So thanks! Come by anytime.

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