Monday, February 13, 2012

Regarding the Tragedy in Norway

I saw a news story about the arraignment of the Norwegian Kids Camp shooter recently. Apparently he asked the court to give him a medal. I originally posted this on Facebook, just after the shooting happened, when he was still in his 15 minutes of fame. I'm going to re-post it in its entirety.

I have read some of the Norway shooter's writing (his manifesto is 1500+ pages, I've skimmed). A lot of the things he says make some sense, and this infuriates me.

First off, I will come out and say up front that what I have read is a pretty good example of 'being a Nazi *&^%-face', dressed up in the kind of language that facilitated that system's rise to power in the early 20th century. This is not the bit that I agree with, obviously.

A lot of the manifesto has to do with the breakdown of societal identification. As one society lets its identity erode, other, more forceful entities can and will move in to fill the void. Happens over and over throughout history. Also touches on a handful of programs from way back that were designed to cause this to happen. This is the bit that I agree with. I think that our culture, which we think of as Western Civilization, has managed to become self-deprecating in the extreme, and is opening the door for replacement. The real question is, what culture will we replace it with?

Here we diverge again (whew!). I think we should be replacing the current idiom with a culture of self-reliance, pride in one's self, capability, and compassion. He thinks we should be resurrecting the classic 'White guy runs the world cuz he's best at it, while the women stay at home and make/raise babies' culture. Bleeeech...

The part that infuriates me is that he seems to honestly believe that best way to get people to come to his point of view is to SLAUGHTER CHILDREN! I'm simply refraining here from what I really think of this, because it would take too long and there aren't enough swearwords or cruel and unusual punishments to explain the depth of my feelings...

The second part that infuriates me is the things that we agree with are now verboten. Any peep that sounds anything like anything that is related to this body of work is now an instant and automatic dismissal into the 'yeah you're probably a psycho child killer on the inside too' category. The result of his action has been not only to FAIL to draw people into his camp, but to completely alienate anyone who was mildly sympathetic up to this point. AND he's managing to destroy a few other causes while he is at it.

Anybody want to start a conspiracy theory? This guy has done more damage to the side he purports to be on than any single act in the last 10 years. What possibility is there that he was a creation intended for just that purpose? I wouldn't put that sort of thing past Nixon or Johnson, and I don't think they were the MOST evil people in history. Food for thought.

I will continue to work on my culture of self-reliance, pride in one's self, capability, and compassion. The nice thing about self-reliance is that it doesn't take other people believing in it to work. I will also continue to refrain from hurting children, or, really, anybody.


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